USH 41 Corridor Winnebago and Brown

Expertise: Lighting Design

USH 41 Corridor, Winnebago and Brown Counties

KL Engineering is the prime consultant in a contract with WisDOT for the design of all lighting systems constructed as part of the USH 41 Corridor expansion project. The project includes over 15 miles of freeway reconstruction, 3 freeway system interchanges, 16 service interchanges, over 35 roundabouts, structure lighting, park and ride lighting and pathway lighting.

A key component of the project is coordination with many different designers and stakeholders. The project includes lighting design for many different types of roadway facilities across several different municipalities. The accelerated pace for deliverables requires effective communication and coordination with all interested parties. Additionally, careful attention to constructability is critical with a highly complex reconstruction project completed under traffic.

KL Engineering is completing all aspects of the project lighting design including PS&E submittals. Close coordination with WisDOT, local units of government, utilities and other designers is allowing for last minute revisions to be completed quickly and plans to be delivered on schedule. This project construction began in 2010 and will continue until 2019.

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