USH 41 Brown and Oconto Counties

Transportation Planning: Environmental

USH 41, Brown and Oconto Counties

KL Engineering is currently engaged in a study of the USH 41 corridor between CTH M in Brown County and the USH 41/141 system interchange in Oconto County. This Corridor Study will assess the traffic capacity, safety, and operations of the USH 41 corridor. Based on the findings of the Corridor Study, preliminary design for long-term improvements and an Environmental Assessment will be completed.

The study corridor is on a 13-mile section of USH 41. As part of the study, KL Engineering completed Backbone Interchange Reports for the CTH M and CTH B Interchanges. Based on the findings of the initial interchange analysis, KL Engineering is producing the preliminary design for the interchange, which will include four roundabouts.

A stakeholder committee, comprised of local officials, government agencies and business owners was formed to provide input about the project corridor.

When completed, the project will result in the following:

  • A plan document showing conceptual transportation recommendations regarding the design characteristics of USH 41.
  • An environmental document supporting the official mapping to be done on USH 41.

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