USH 41 Corridor Winnebago and Brown

Expertise: Environmental

USH 14 Dane County

KL Engineering completed the conceptual design of the Lacy Road/USH 14 Interchange. The City of Fitchburg anticipates significant residential and commercial development in the area in both the Green Tech Village and Fitchburg Technology Campus developments; therefore, KL Engineering conducted a regional traffic study to help assess the traffic impacts in the area. The results of this study indicated that access to USH 14 would be necessary for regional growth. KL Engineering, the City of Fitchburg and WisDOT cooperated in an evaluation of several possible interchange alternatives.

The process began with the selection of an interchange location evaluating environmental and geometric constraints. KL Engineering then presented preliminary design concepts and refined that design based on comments made by the city, the Madison MPO and WisDOT. Included in the preliminary design considerations were the results of the regional traffic study that KL Engineering completed.

Several alternatives were studied to develop an interchange that would best serve the needs of the City of Fitchburg and WisDOT while avoiding wetlands in the project area. KL Engineering located the interchange and designed a conceptual roundabout for the intersection of East Cheryl Parkway and Lacy Road, the two local roads that will carry traffic to the USH 14 interchange. KL Engineering prepared a Phase 1 Hazardous Materials Assessment, Environmental Assessment, and Finding of No Significant Impact for the project.

Final plans were submitted in 2011; completion of project construction is schedule for Fall 2012.

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