Stoughton Road, Madison

Expertise: Planning

Stoughton Road, Madison

KL Engineering is the prime consultant for the completion of a Needs Assessment, Alternatives Analysis and Environmental Analysis for Stoughton Road (USH 51) in the City of Madison. The study begins at Terminal Drive in McFarland and continues to Token Creek Road, a distance of approximately 10 miles. The scope of the first phase of the study included assessing the current conditions and problems, evaluating existing traffic conditions, modeling future travel demands based on known development plans, defining the needs of the corridor, and seeking community consensus on the definition of the problems and needs. The Corridor Study examined the needs and issues of the adjacent areas, and provided direction on the ultimate treatment of the corridor to assist local units of government and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in their planning processes.

The second phase of the project includes determining feasible alternatives to meet the identified needs and preparing a Needs Analysis. Three corridor alternatives have been identified, ranging from minor intersection improvements to constructing a full freeway corridor. Various types of interchanges are being evaluated for the major sideroads, including single-point, urban diamond, continuous flow and low clearance.

The study involves extensive coordination with WisDOT, the City of Madison, Dane County and local residents. Public involvement includes numerous workshops, business interviews, one-on-one meetings, presentations to civic, community, government and neighborhood groups and public information meetings. Both a Technical Advisory Committee and a Policy Advisory Committee guide the study.

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