STH 65 Intersections, St. Croix County

Transportation Design: Roundabouts

STH 65 Corridor, St. Croix County

KL Engineering is the prime consultant in a contract with WisDOT for the design of roundabouts at four intersections along STH 65 in St. Croix County. KL Engineering previously conducted a corridor study along a 13-mile segment of STH 65 that included these intersections.

The project began with KL completing an Intersection Analysis Report. The report compared the operational characteristics as well as constructing cost, right of way needs and future maintenance costs of using traffic signals versus roundabouts. The report offered DOT an accurate way to implement improvements to the different intersections while maximizing traffic operations and cost efficiency.

WisDOT used the Intersection Analysis Report to select appropriate intersection treatment. KL Engineering is in the process of completing all aspects of the project including plan development, drainage and storm sewer design, environmental documentation, public involvement, roundabout design, and PS&E submittal. This project is scheduled for construction in 2012.

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