STH 59 Edgerton

Transportation Design: Urban Reconstruction

STH 59 Fulton Street, Edgerton

KL Engineering was the prime consultant for the redesign of 1.65 miles of Fulton Street in the City of Edgerton. Project design responsibilities included utility coordination, storm sewer design, profile and cross slope adjustments to match existing driveway profiles, conversion of one section of roadway from a rural section to urban section with sidewalk, and a detailed traffic control staging plan in order to keep the majority of the roadway open during construction. Plan development decisions such as pavement type, storm sewer design and roadway widths were made through extensive coordination with the City of Edgerton.

A streetscaping plan was developed for the Historic Downtown area in coordination with the Downtown Redevelopment Authority (RDA). The final streetscaping plan included decorative lighting, stamped colored concrete, brick pavers, tree plantings with grates, pedestrian bump-outs and decorative fencing. Regular meetings were held with the RDA to design and coordinate the streetscaping plans. Coordination was also required with State Historic Preservation Officer and the Edgerton Historic Preservation Commission to obtain Section 106 approval.

KL Engineering completed all aspects of the project including plan development, environmental documentation, public involvement, railroad coordination, and PS&E submittal. This $3.3 million project was constructed in 2006.

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