STH 26, Watertown

Expertise: Lighting Design

STH 26, Watertown Bypass

KL Engineering led the design of the 12.2 mile STH 26 Watertown Bypass, a four-lane expressway and freeway that bypasses Watertown to the west and rejoins existing STH 26 north of the city. The project includes design of frontage roads and a multi-use trail along the west side of STH 26. Key features of the proposed improvements include the following:

  • 13 miles of freeway/expressway design
  • Four (4) interchanges; two (2) diamonds, one (1) trumpet, one (1) jug handle
  • Ten (10) roundabouts; nine (9) single lane, one (1) two-lane
  • Four (4) PS&E's
  • Frontage road and local road design, including bicycle accommodations
  • 4.1-mile off-road paved multi-use path
  • Two (2) at-grade railroad crossings, three (3) grade-separated crossings
  • 19 grade separation structures, two (2) stream crossings, four (4) sign structures, and one (1) retaining wall. Aesthetic rustication treatment was applied to the pier columns and concrete parapet back face.
  • Multiple jurisdictional transfers
  • Three (3) transportation project plats (TPPs)
  • Two (2) PIMs, three (3) Real Estate Open Houses, several individual property owner meetings
  • Established and met regularly with a STH 26 Stakeholder Committee
  • Access Management
  • Prepared Design Refinement Report Environmental Impact Update to update the EIS
  • Prepared USACE 404 Permit request
  • Phase 3 Archaeological data recovery on three (3) sites
  • Floodplain study and stormwater BMPs

KL Engineering is currently providing construction management for the project; construction will be completed in 2011 at an estimated cost of $91 million.

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