STH 16 Waukesha County

Transportation Design: Rural Rehabilitation

STH 16, Waukesha County

KL Engineering completed the design and PS&E package for the resurfacing of approximately 12 miles of STH 16 from North Sawyer Road to I-94 in Waukesha County. The project include milling and resurfacing, diamond grinding the existing concrete pavement, base patching, beam guard upgrades, and new signing and was a candidate for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding. A crash analysis was performed to evaluate the project for possible cable guard installation. The project required a high level of coordination with Southeast Region and WisDOT Traffic Operations Center to develop the traffic control and construction staging plans because of the high volumes of commuter traffic that use the road. KL Engineering completed survey, preliminary plans, Type 2 Transportation Management Plan (TMP), Design Study Report (DSR), public informational meeting and draft PS&E in 3 months.

After the project was not approved for ARRA funding, a scaled back project was completed that included milling and resurfacing, edge drain replacement and base patching a 3.6 mile section of STH 16. The scaled back project PS&E was completed in 2 months and submitted in April 2010. The project was constructed in summer and fall of 2010.

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