USH 41 Corridor Winnebago and Brown

Expertise: Planning

I-94, Dunn County

KL Engineering is currently involved in the planning and feasibility study to develop an expansion plan set for the I-94 segment including the STH 29 Interchange. The plan will include a footprint for additional lanes and detailed analysis of traffic control scenarios. A conceptual interchange reconstruction was previously completed and KL Engineering will prepare an Environmental Assessment for the project and create a map under State Statute 84.295.

KL Engineering is analyzing multiple expansion alternatives, analyzing the existing median width, horizontal and vertical alignments to determine if substandard locations exist. Alternatives are being developed to bring the location up to standard and a crash analysis is being completed to determine if crashes warrant improving the location.

Alternatives will be evaluated based on construction estimate, traffic control staging, possible right-of-way impacts, potential environmental conflicts and potential utility conflicts. A corridor preservation map is being created and will be recorded to preserve the right-of-way from development in potential improvement areas.

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