Beloit SWEF, Rock County

Transportation Design: Site Development

Beloit SWEF, Rock County

As prime consultant for WisDOT Central Office, KL Engineering analyzed the potential for upgrading the Utica SWEF and recommended a new site in a 40-mile corridor along northbound IH 39/90 between the Wisconsin/Illinois state line and the existing Utica site.

The study involved an initial evaluation of nine potential sites, where a ranking system was used to identify the three sites where construction of the facility would be most feasible. The three sites were evaluated to find the site that best met the needs of the State Patrol in implementing Wisconsinís Safety and Weight Enforcement Program. Five additional sites proposed by Rock County were also evaluated.

Upon approval of a recommended site, KL Engineering completed the design of the SWEF. The site includes an Operations Building with safety inspection facility, a mainline weigh-in motion (WIM) scale and pre-pass system, a type III WIM on the entrance ramp, a triple platform static scale, and parking for 30 trucks. The engineering design included geometric layout, ramps, traffic analysis, storm water detention, R/W plat, lighting, and sewer and water.

Environmental analysis included preparation of an Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact. Public Involvement included several Public Information Meetings, a Public Hearing upon completion of the Environmental Assessment, and preparation of a Willing Seller letter. This letter was mailed to landowners in the project area in an effort to identify parties willing to sell land for purposes of SWEF construction. Input from local officials was also incorporated into site selection and project design.

Project construction was completed in 2008. The project was a recipient of the 2008 ACEC Engineering Excellence State Finalist Award.

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