USH 45 Union Grove

Transportation Design: Urban Reconstruction

USH 45, Main Street, Union Grove

As prime consultant for WisDOT Southeast Region, KL Engineering completed a two-lane urban design for a 0.8-mile section of USH 45 in the Village of Union Grove and a two-lane rural resurface overlay design for a 1.7-mile section of USH 45 in Racine County.

KL Engineering coordinated with WisDOT Southeast Region and the Village to add bicycle lanes to one mile of Main Street through downtown Union Grove without significantly impacting the adjacent residents and businesses along the corridor. Two public information meetings and several local business meetings were held to discuss access and safety issues. The typical section incorporated vehicle traffic lanes, a bicycle lane, a parking lane, terrace and a sidewalk within the tight right-of-way corridor. USH 45 is designated a long-truck route by FHWA and lane width restrictions had to be met.

KL Engineering completed all aspects of the project including plan development, drainage and storm sewer design, environmental documentation, public involvement, traffic signal and lighting modifications, and PS&E submittal. Close coordination and aggressive project schedule allowed for PS&E delivery 10 months after project initiation. This $2.4 million project was constructed in 2008.

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